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 independent comics publisher in Leeds



Danica (Writer) and David (Artist) both studied at Leeds college of Art and Design a few years apart, Graphic Design and Fashion for Danica, and Art and Design for David, who specialised in Graphic Design. 




Danica and David met a couple of years ago on an night out. Although they went to the same college, their paths never crossed before then. The perfect occasion to discover a shared passion for comics, talk about what they believed was missing and in 2014 they decided to create their own. 




The plan is to bring to life and offer to the world two original stories and a new take on the old comic book, while having a traditional approach on how to share their work with the public: both stories will only be available on paper. 




Both Danica and David have noted the lack of black female leads in the comic book world. It therefore makes perfect sense that the main characters in each of their stories are strong black women.




Dark Core Comics are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

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