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DANICA is the creator and writer of Dirty Angel and co creator of dark core comics publishing.

Inspired by Japanese anime and manga along with Marvel and D.C, Danica wanted to create a character that embodied a strong black female lead, something rarely done. Teaming up with David has created a whole new dynamic to the comic book world.


DAVID is a Leeds based artist / graphic designer and illustrator with over 10 years experience. Drawing from early childhood, he studied at Leeds college of Art and has worked exclusivly in creative fields ever since. David is primarily a digital artist proficient in photoshop and illustrator. He has a keen eye for colour, tone and balance. Co creator of Dark Core Comics. Creator and writer of KAMO and Artist for KAMO and Dirty Angel.

Our comics are a visual blend of clean lines, harmonious colours, light, texture and movement. The writing is intriguing, mature fun but not sleazy, stories with adventure, action and deep plots.


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