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Title Dirty Angel


Dirty Angel is a new and exciting product created and written by Danica Donaldson and illustrated by David Ramsey. It's filled with twisted tales that unfold a story with adventure, action and a deep plot. It is a new dynamic approach to the comic book world with a strong black female lead something rarely done. Beautifully illustrated, with a powerful perspective, follow us on this journey to new depths. This is Dirty Angel.

Kamo Title

Secret Scrapbook

Project name KAMO. Kamo was head hunted by the global company TIGON INDUSTRIES but left after discovering dreadful company secrets. Not able to just do as she's ordered, she became the tough Mercenary turned Hero she is today. Classic in most respects but not your standard comic book. This short tale introduces the reader to some of the main characters and the world of Kamo. Entirely created from the imagination and aesthetic vision of Artist David Ramsey.

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